When is Email Sent from Email Integration vs. Aidium Email Servers

Emails can be sent using two ways, each having different benefits. Either directly through your 'Inbox Integration' (google or MS365) or through Aidium's Marketing and Mass email servers.

The goal with every email sent is: great email deliverability, compliance, and tracking. In order to achieve each of those goals with every email sent from Aidium - We use two methods depending upon the type (or source) of email sent.

When an email is sent either as part of a Transaction based Automation or manually sent directly to a Contact, it will be sent through your integrated email, or 'Inbox Integration'.

When an email is sent either as part of a Contact based Automation or a Mass email it will be sent through Aidium's Marketing email servers and will automatically have opt-out language and link added at the bottom of each email.


Sent Through Integrated Email

When an email is sent from Aidium through your email integration (aka, inbox integration), it will traverse your company's email tech, just like if it was sent through your laptop or phone. If you have successfully integrated your email inbox:

  1. Emails sent from Aidium will show in your 'sent items'
  2. Email sent from your laptop/phone will sync with an existing contact that matches that email address. If the contact does not exist in Aidium, it will not capture the email sent.
  3. An email record is maintained by your company, which is helpful for compliance when it comes to transaction (or loan) based email updates.

⚙️  Learn how to, or verify, your email inbox integration.

Sent Through Aidium's Marketing Email Servers

Every email provider has built-in limitations to how email can be sent, how many emails in a short period and limits the ability to maintain proper marketing opt-out requirements. Therefore, Aidium sends all contact based automation emails and mass emails directly though our own marketing email servers.

This helps ensure higher email deliverability, acceptance, and compliance when sending larger and/or consistent emails for the following purposes: Lead nurture, birthday and loan anniversaries, newsletters, event invites, etc.

Additionally, the benefits include:

  1. Much higher delivery rates for large email sends.
  2. Not limited by time-based max emails - which vastly increases the sending speed for larger email sends (like newsletters).
  3. Automatically included opt-out language a link (helps keep you and your company legally compliant).
  4. Minimizes the chance of being blocked by spam filters or black-listed email domains.

It's important to note that when sending emails using this method, they will not sync with your companies email servers and therefore will not show in your sent items. However, sent emails are always captured within Aidium and linked to the contact it was sent to.

👍  This concludes an overview of the two methods for sending email from Aidium