Troubleshooting Loading Issues

Sometimes websites just don't load as expected. There can be many causes for this but there are also a few easy steps you can take to remedy this situation.

In this article, we'll show a few quick and easy ways to remedy loading issues in Aidium or just about any other site that isn't experiencing site issues. For example, when going to a site and receiving errors or unexpected behavior that others are not experiencing.

Before we begin, Aidium's preferred browser on both PC (Windows) and Mac (OSX/MacOS) is the Chrome browser, designed and supported by Google.

💪  Hot tip - Adding organized 'bookmarks' for websites is a great way to always keep track of your commonly used sites and pages.

Try this first:

Follow this link to force a logout - then try to log in again.

The two most common ways to correct these issues are as followed:

Open a 'Private' browser window

Depending on the browser you use, this will be called something different. Essentially, the purpose of a private browser window is to start with a clean slate. This will ignore any previously cached files and force the re-load of any site you visit. Thus downloading and applying the most up-to-date information and scripts, allowing your browser to avoid any previously cached, outdated or no longer valid data.

Below, each browser will be listed with the keyboard shortcuts to open each respective private browser window. When referencing the 3-button combination below, it means they should be pressed simultaneously.

  • PC (Windows): 'Ctrl' = 'Control' button

    Chrome - Incognito Window --> Ctrl + Shift + N
    Edge - InPrivate Window --> Ctrl + Shift + N
    Firefox - Private Window --> Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Mac: 'Cmd' = 'Command' button

    Chrome - Incognito Window --> Cmd + Shift + N
    Edge - InPrivate Window --> Cmd + Shift + N
    Firefox - Private Window --> Cmd + Shift + P
    Safari - Private Window --> Cmd + Shift + N

Clear the browser cache

A browser cache can be great - it can also be a detriment. The cache allows for faster loading of sites but also stores large amounts of information. It also and often grouped together with many other functions like: History, Cookies, Active Logins, Forms, Search History and more.

While clearing a browsers cache, each browser will provide options for each category of data stored. However, if clearing everything, it can cause additional work, searching, or frustration for casual users. This process will likely also free-up a potentially significant amount of hard drive space. So there are significant positives and negatives to periodically clearing browser cache.

For more information on the impact and benefits, there are plenty of great resources available by using your favorite search engine or using the 'Help' offerings in each browser. Additionally, these resources can be used to learn how to clear the cache and choose the best options when doing so.

👍  This concludes two methods for troubleshooting website loading issues