Team Copy Automations for Admins

Copying All Automations from one team to another is an easy way to distribute automations from a single team to as many teams at once as you need.

To begin, it's recommended that you create a Team in your Aidium Enterprise that is designed specifically for copying a single or a few automations to each team at a time. In the video below, we have a team named, "A - Automation Copy". This team has no users and is accessible by only admin accounts.

Additionally, we also have a team named. "A - Automation Master", which will contain a master copy of all default automations. We will use this team to copy all of the standard automations when adding new Teams to our Enterprise.

  • Copy a single automation to Teams
  • Copy all standard automations to a new Team

Copy a single automation

Using a team specifically for building, testing and distributing automations is a great way to:

  1. Distribute and assign Newsletters.
  2. Distribute new nurture automations.
  3. Distribute new loan (transaction) milestone automations.
  4. Distribute just about any other automation that will work for more than one team.

In this video, we'll show how to copy a single automation (Realtor Monthly Newsletter) to multiple teams and how to activate the automation after it is copied.


⚠️ When each team copy is complete, you'll receive an email to the address used to log in. If you do not see a confirmation email, be sure to check your spam or junk folder.

Copy a set of automations to one or more teams

Having a master set of automations in a single team is a great way to quickly onboard and activate a new team in Aidium. In the below video, we'll demonstrate how to copy all automations from a master team into a new team. In this case, we named the team, "A - Automation Master".