Pipeline View of Tasks Assigned to You and Your Team

On the Tasks page, you can quickly switch between 'list' and 'pipeline' views. In this article, we'll concentrate on using the 'pipeline' view to manage tasks.

By using the Tasks pipeline view, much like in Contacts and Transactions, we can view, interact and update the status quickly. Just like with the list view, we can switch between My Tasks and Team Tasks for a complete overview of our own and our team's scheduled responsibilities.

To begin, we'll click on Tasks in the menu group on the left.


The pipeline view will provide a graphical view based on the task status: To Do, In Progress, Done

Using the image below, we'll review the following parts of the Tasks pipeline view.


  1. Status
    There are three available Task Statuses: To Do, In Progress and Done.
    At any time, we can click and drag any task to update the Status automatically, as seen in the animated GIF below.


  2. My Tasks vs. Team Tasks
    This toggle will allow for viewing of only the logged-in user's tasks -or- show all tasks assigned to users on the team. In the animated GIF below, we'll toggle between the two.


  3. List View vs. Pipeline View
    This will toggle between the traditional List View and the Pipeline View being explained in this article. In the animated GIF below, we'll toggle between the two.


  4. Sorting Options
    There are three options for sorting the order tasks will display:
    --By Assignee Last Name - The assignee is a User on our team
    --By Due Date (ascending)
    --By Due Date (descending)

  5. Update Status or Delete
    There are five options, but only four are able to be selected at any one time:
    --Edit - will expose the Edit Task drawer.
    --Delete - will allow for permanently deleting the task
    --Mark as "Done"
    --Mark as "In Progress"
    --Mark as "To Do"

    In the following animated GIF, we'll demonstrate the Edit option.


  6. Open Contact Detail
    By clicking the linked Contact name, it will take us directly into their Contact Detail. This will us to view everything we may want to know about this contact. Then, by clicking the 'Go back' button, we'll be returned back to the Tasks page.


  7. Quick Actions on Contact
    There are seven potential options to quickly act on the linked contact. By using these quick actions, we can act directly on this contact without leaving the page.
    --Send Email - this slides out the Send Email drawer for quickly emailing the contact.
    --Send Text - this slides out the Send Text drawer for quickly texting the contact.
    --Add Note - this slides out the Add Note drawer for a simple note linked to the contact.
    --Add Task - this slides out the Add Task drawer to create an additional task.
    --Edit Contact - this slides out the Edit Contact drawer to edit the contact's details.
    --View Contact - this will open the Contact Detail page to view all details and comms.
    --Send Partner Report Email - If the contact is a partner, this will be available. Learn more.


👍  This concludes a walk-through of the Task Pipeline View