Set Forwarding Phone Number for Your Team's Aidium Number

When someone calls your Aidium Texting (SMS) number, you can forward that number to any phone you choose. You can also forward to more than one phone number. This setting will also allow for immediate notifications when a SMS message is received.

Setting a forward number is completed with just a few steps from within your Team Settings. The caller ID on the inbound call that is forwarded will also show as the number of the caller.

These forwarding numbers will also receive a notification anytime an text message (SMS) is received to your team number.

⚠️  If there is no answer, the caller will receive the following message, "No one is currently available to take your call. Please try again later or send a text message."

Add a Forwarding Phone Number

  1. Click on 'Settings' in the menu on the far-left. Then click on, 'Integrations'.

  2. In the Phone Integration section, click on '➕ Add a Number' button.

  3. In the box under, 'Enter number', begin typing the phone number you would like calls forwarded to. Then, click the yellow 'Add Number' button.

  4. You can add additional numbers (up to 3 phone numbers) if you want calls forwarded to multiple phone at the same time. This can be helpful when you have a team monitoring inbound calls and SMS (text messages).

    When multiple forwarding numbers are present, each will 'ring' simultaneously (virtually at the same time). The first phone to answer will have the call connected.


⚠️  While each team is limited to 3 total forwarding phone numbers at a time, you can remove and update forwarding numbers - see the next section below

⚠️  When adding additional forwarding numbers, calls will forward to all numbers simultaneously

👍  This concludes add one or more forwarding numbers


Delete a Forwarding Phone Number

At any time, you can delete or remove a forwarding number.

  1. Follow the steps above to get to the Phone Integration settings, then click on the 'Trashcan' icon next to the number you want to delete.

  2. You will receive a confirmation warning, click the yellow 'Confirm' button to remove the number. At any time, you can easily add that number back by following the instructions above.


👍  This concludes deleting or removing a forwarding number

Notifications of Inbound Text Messages

The same forwarding numbers will also receive a text message to notify your team when a text message (SMS) is received back. This notification is a simple and effective way to know when know as soon as a message is received to your team's CRM number.

How it works:

  1. When anyone sends a text message (SMS) to the Team Number, within a few seconds, a text message will be sent to each phone number listed in the Team Forwarding Numbers (if that number is capable to receive a text message).
  2. The message will look similar to the following and contain the Contact's full name and link to log-in to - this is not a direct link to the contact (at this time)

  3. Once you are logged into Aidium, simply search for the contact by name or go to the Communications section of the app.

👍  This concludes how inbound text message notifications work through team forwarding numbers