Playbooks - Holiday Greeting Automations

Adding a holiday greeting is quick and easy by utilizing Playbook Automations. With a few clicks, you can stay in front of your clients and business partners on the holidays you choose.

Aidium's Playbook Automations are consistently being updated with fresh and timely ways to communicate with your leads, borrower and business partners. By utilizing the offerings, not only can you be communicating effectively quickly and with little effort, but you can also stay up-to-date with fresh content.

In this article, we'll show how to:

⚙️  If you're new to Playbook automations and want a full walk-through, start here

Find and Add a New Holiday Greeting Automation

To begin, we'll start by going to the Automations page and then clicking on "Browse Playbooks" at the top-right of the page.

  1. Next, the Playbooks pop-up will display and we'll choose "Holidays" from the categories list on the left.

  2. After the Holidays automations have loaded, we'll find the automation we're looking for. We can preview the automation by hovering over an automation and then clicking the "See Details" button.

    This will then display all what the automation will look like and give us a description of the purpose. When we want to add it to our team, we'll click the "Create Automation from Playbook" at the top-right. Doing so will add the automation to our Team and take us directly to the new automation for any editing we want to do.


👍  This concludes finding and adding a new holiday or monthly newsletter

Adjust Entry Conditions

Entry conditions are how we determine which contacts will receive this automation. It's important to make sure the conditions meet our intended contacts. To learn more about entry conditions, click here.

  1. Most Holiday Playbook automations will be setup with these 'Entry Conditions'.
    Type = CLIENT -or- Type = Partner

    This will also display the number of contacts in each condition to show us the how many contacts will meet each of those conditions AND the total number.

  2. In this case, we will adjust the entry conditions to only send to Type = CLIENT -and- Tag = Consumer Newsletter. This is just an example, there are a myriad ways to set up entry conditions.


  3. Entry conditions can be adjusted as many time as necessary, as long as it's done before enabling the automation. Since the "Enroll existing records" is already enabled, we won't have to turn that on to automatically add this automation to the eligible contacts.

👍  This concludes updating entry conditions - to learn more, click here

Edit the Communication Actions in New Automation

Playbook automations are designed to work well just as they are, but are also editable or customizable to fit out team's desires and messaging.

First, we'll scroll down to the 'Actions' section. This is where each action that takes place in this automation lives. In this case, we'll see:

  • Action 1: Delay until: 3/31/2024 at 10:00AM
    This will pause the automation until that date and time has passed (local to the team's time zone)
  • Action 2: Email to the Contact and From the Contact Owner
    This will send an email after Action 1 has completed

By clicking on an action, we can adjust or edit. In this case, we'll update Action 2 - Email. We like the email just as it is, but want to adjust the email Subject.



👍  This concludes editing communication actions in a new automation

Enable the New Automation

When enabling a Holiday or Monthly playbook automation, it will immediately assign to all contacts that meet the entry conditions we setup above.

Since the first action is a delay, we won't have to worry about this automation, as it will wait until the date and time specified in that action before it proceeds to the subsequent action(s).

It's important to review each section of an automation before enabling it.

There are two ways to enable (turn-on) an automation.

  1. From within an automation:

  2. From the Automations page:


👍  This concludes enabling or turning-on the new automation

Video Demonstration



 👍  This concludes adding a playbook holiday or monthly greeting/newsletter