How to Install Entire Set of Playbook Automations

Playbook automations can be added one at a time, in groups, or even all of the same automation type. This can make it even easier to get started and using these pre-built marketing and transaction automations.

We highly suggest understanding many of the basics before copying playbook automations to a team. If you missed it or would like a refresher course, click here.

To copy an entire playbook type, we'll start by entering the Playbook Automations page. In our case, we want to copy the entire 'Lead Conversion' category.


Next, we'll simply select one of the automations, then using the buttons that appear at the bottom and click, 'Select all automations in lead category". After that, we'll then click the 'Copy Selected Playbook Automations'.

When bulk copying, it will send an email to the logged-in user when the copy process is completed.

Enable the Entire Set of Copied Playbook Automations

Automations must be enabled before a contact can be enrolled, either manually or automatically.

It's important that if we are using Entry Conditions, they are setup as intended before we enable the automation - this will help avoid unintended side-effects.

In the following animated GIF, we'll demonstrate selecting all of the newly copied automations, then enabling them all at once.


⚙️  Learn how to Edit a Playbook Automation after copying

👍  This concludes bulk copying playbook automations to a team and enabling.