Create New Task in Aidium

Tasks can be created either manually or by an automation. In this article, we will talk about manually creating a task. This can be done from a Contact record or directly from your Task View.

Creating a new task can be accomplished in less than a minute and will help ensure you fulfill your promises and connect with your agents, leads and borrowers at the right time.

Create Task from within a Contact Record

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Create Task from the Task View

The Task View provides a list of all tasks - due today, in the future or in the past. Additionally, you can view tasks that are Done, In Progress or To Do, as well as tasks assigned just to you, or also, to your team. To learn more about the Task View, here is an article.

  1. To begin, click the '+ Add Task' button at the upper-right, in yellow.

  2. Next, the 'Add Task' drawer will slide-out on the right of the screen.

  3. When adding a task, it will default to a 'Status' of 'To Do' - This can be changed, however most likely, you will want it to remain.

    Next, follow the list of fields, what they are used for and finally, their potential requirements.
    1. Status - Required - options: To Do, In Progress, Done
    2. Subject - Required - This is free text to add the important details, for example: "Call about missing tax documents" -or- "Check-in on house hunt"
    3. Task Type - Required - options: Call, Email, Text, Other
    4. Assigned User - Required - options: You or anyone on your team
    5. Associated Contact - Optional - This is important to add if the task is related to a Contact. If you do not add a Contact, there is no way for the system to show the task in their Contact record.
    6. Due Date - Optional - This is important to add if the task must be completed by a certain date. It is also incredibly helpful if you want to see the task on your dashboard weekly view.
    7. Description - Optional - This is where you can put descriptive or ancillary information about the task. You can also consider this the 'notes' for the task. Before completing a task, most often, you will want to add the final notes or task completion details there.
  4. We will perform the above list of Task details in the animated GIF below.

  5. When you have added all required and optional details for the task, click the yellow 'Create Task' button.

👍  This concludes adding a new task from the task view.