Contact View - Transactions Tab

The Transactions tab is a straightforward way to view and interact with every transaction (loan) that a single contact is associated with. Whether a borrower, co-borrower, real estate agent or other loan related contact - it will display.

This tab provides an overview of all transactions (loans) that this contact have any 'linked' association with. This means that if this contact is automatically linked as a borrower, co-borrower or business contact by our integrated LOS (like Encompass), the transaction will display on this tab.

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Transactions Tab Walk-through

Using the below image, we'll examine each section within this tab.


Each individual horizontal line contains a single transaction. Depending upon our browser window size, we may be required to scroll a bit to view every available transaction preview column.

  1. Loan Number - Not only does this number match what is provided by our LOS, but it is also a link that will open the Transaction Details and Edit drawer. We'll show that toward the end of this article.
  2. Property Address - Whether a purchase, refinance, heloc, etc - this is the actual property address.
  3. Transaction Status - Also known as Milestones, these are provided our LOS and are used as entry conditions to assign automations automatically to send notifications and check-ins to one, some or all contacts of the linked to a transaction.
  4. Loan Amount - This is the lending total provided by our LOS.
  5. Funded Date - If funded, this date will show. This generally will match or closely match the actual closing date.
  6. Contact Role - This will show how this contact is related to the transaction. Below is a common list.
    Primary Contact = Borrower
    Co-Borrower = 1st co-borrower linked in our LOS
    Buying Agent = Real Estate Agent representing the buyer
    Selling Agent = Real Estate Agent representing the seller
    Title = Title Rep or Agent, as associated in our LOS
    Builder = Builder Rep, as associated in our LOS

    There are many other transaction linked contact designations - like, CPA, Financial Advisor, Broker, Buyer's Attorney, Seller's Attorney, Buyer's Transaction Coordinator, Seller's Transaction Coordinator and Home Warranty.

Edit a Transaction

At any time, we can click on the blue loan # to open the Transaction View and Edit drawer. This will  show us with more details on the transaction - and - provide us that ability to modify the transaction. Keeping in mind that if we're integrated with an LOS, any changes made in Aidium (manually) can be overwritten (automatically) by our LOS.

In the below GIF, we'll link a Financial Advisor to a transaction.


Create a New Transaction

There can be many reasons to create a new transaction - for most of us, we likely will never need to. However, for those of us either without an LOS integration setup, or for another reason, creation a manual transaction is incredibly easy by looking for the '+ Transaction' button at the top-right of the Transactions tab.

After clicking the button, an empty 'Add a Transaction' drawer will open on the right. The 'Primary Contact' (Borrower) will automatically be linked to the contact we started from. From there, the only other required information is a Loan#. Additionally, we can add as many details at this time, or later, that we'd like.

In the below animated GIF, we'll add a basic transaction manually to the contact.


👍  This concludes an overview of the contact view - transactions tab.