Contact View - Tasks Tab

The Tasks tab in the new contact view shows all tasks linked to the contact. This will include all statuses, whether To-Do, In-Progress or Complete, they will all be visible, sorted and editable with a few clicks.

Tasks are an often under-utilized function of any platform. That's why Aidium provides many opportunities to create, share, manage and view tasks with ease. Thus, giving our team a great overview of promises, follow-ups, operational and background processes and responsibilities.

Tasks are a great way to know who on our team is managing what, while showing what has been completed, when and by whom. It's also a great way for us to re-distribute responsibilities for vacations and sick days. Overall, it's just a simple way to ensure promises are fulfilled and nothing that has a process will fall through the cracks.

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Task Tab Walk-though

Using the image below, we'll give a brief walk-through of each section on this Tasks tab.


  1. Subject - This should be a straightforward title for easy identification of the purpose of this task.
  2. Description - This is where we can add a more details about the task, additional notes, or explanations on why it is where it is.
  3. Type - This can be Email, Call, Text Message or Other. It's an easy way to identify the expectations of the task.
  4. Status - This simply shows if a task is waiting to be started or completed (To Do), is being worked on (In Progress), or is completed (Done).
  5. Assigned User - The shows who on our team is responsible for the task.
  6. Associated Contact - Without an associated contact, a task has no link to a contact. It's important for tracking and helping anyone on our team know who this task will impact.

Edit a Task

There are a few ways to edit a task - starting by clicking the ellipsis [...], next to the subject of the task. After clicking, we'll be provided with 4 of 5 different options, depending upon the current task status.

  1. Edit - This will slide out the Edit Task drawer on the right.
  2. Delete - This will permanently remove the task
  3. Mark as "Done" - Updates the Task Status = Done
  4. Mark as "In Progress" - Updates the Task Status = In Progress
  5. Mark as "To Do" - Updates the Task Status = To Do

In the below animated GIF, we'll demonstrate a quick edit to an existing task.


Create a New Task

The best way to create a new task is directly from within a contact detail. By doing so, it will automatically link the task to the contact, and we'll be able to view the task right away.

In the following animated GIF, we'll demonstrate create a new task for a contact.


👍  This concludes an overview of the contact view - tasks tab.