Contact View - Notes Tab

The Notes tab in the new contact view is the perfect place to make contact and situational specific details. These can be based on phone calls, interests, or simply tell the story of a contact for quick and easy future reference.

Notes in Aidium are incredibly straightforward and easy to use. They are chronologically listed from top-left to bottom-right with a consistent preview, time-stamp of creation and who on the team created it - as can be seen in the highlighted portions of the image below.



Edit a Note

Editing an existing note is a great way to expound upon a note that has the same subject matter. This can be helpful for minimizing the number of notes, while keeping the information contained, up-to-date and accurate.

In the animated GIF below, we'll demonstrate how to edit an existing note.


Create a New Note

By simply clicking the '+ Note' button at the top-right of the notes tab, an 'Add Note' drawer will show. With the note editor, we can add just about any formatting we're used to, like when creating and sending an email.

Not only can we update the text formatting with colors and font changes, but we can also include hyperlinks, images and emojis.

In the animated GIF below, we'll demonstrated how to add and format a new note.


👍  This concludes an overview of the contact view - notes tab.