Contact View - Communication Tab

The Communication tab in the new contact view shows you all of the inbound and outbound communications (text messages and emails) in chronological order. This is a great way to view digital conversations, notifications and marketing sent to a contact

Understanding what is being communicated to and from a contact, promises made by team members and a general communication timeline, all at a glance, is incredibly valuable when making decisions, checking-in and following-up. By perusing the communications tab, we can see everything that has been captured, both inbound and outbound, by all team members with an Aidium account.

Using the image below, we'll give a brief walk-through of each section on this Communications tab.


  1. Show by message type
  2. Load More messages
  3. Create and send a new Email or Text Message

First, each communication is listed chronologically, newest at the bottom, oldest at the top. The number visible initially, is based on the size of our browser window.

Each message is separated into it's own 'bubble' with inbound messages (from the contact) with a bubble starting at the left - while outbound messages (sent to the contact) with a bubble starting on the right. The message bubbles will have icons to distinguish between text message 💬 and email ✉️, along with a data/time stamp. Additionally, when an outbound email, it will show which member of our team sent the email.

On each email, we have the option to click the 'View' link to see the entire email, whether outbound or inbound.

Show by Message Type

When looking for specific conversations, threads or communication mediums, using the show by message type buttons can be very helpful. By clicking on either Email or Text, we can segregate message mediums to hone-in on the conversation or message we're looking for.


2 - Load More Messages

When first entering the Communications tab, it will display the most recent messages until the window is full. To load more (older) email and text messages, we'll simply click the 'Load More' button at the top of the list. We can continue to click until all messages are visible and the button changes to text, "Nothing to load".


3 - Create and Send a New Email or Text Message

While we can create and send a new email or text message at anytime from the buttons at the top-right of the contact view. When in the communications tab, we can also click the '+ Email' or '+ Text' buttons to open a new 'Create message' drawer. From there, we'll simply type out our message and sent to the contact.

In the below animated GIF, we'll send a quick text message to the contact.


👍  This concludes an overview of the contact view - communications tab.