Contact View - Automations Tab

The Automations tab in the new contact view is where you can view all previously assigned and currently assigned contact and transaction based automations. You can also assign new or currently active contact based automations.

This tab provides a detailed view of all automations previously assigned for a great historical and current view of all automated marketing, notifications, check-ins, and anything else we can build into an automation.

Additionally, we have the ability to un-assign an active contact automation, and assign a new contact automation.

Using the below image, we'll examine each section within this tab, along with each button and element.


  1. Automation Name - This is the display name of the automation. This is what is displayed when we manually assigned the automation or when it was automatically assigned based on entry conditions in the automation.
  2. Based On - This will display an icon, a yellow silhouette for contact based - a blue document for transaction based.
  3. Status - This will display either Active, for currently running - or - Complete, for automations that have funny run.
  4. Description - This will display the automation description that was added to it by the creator. It's highly suggested to always have an automation description to give more details on what the purpose of an automation is and/or how it is added to a contact.

If a contact based automation has a Status = Active, we'll see an ellipsis [...] next to the automation name. This will allow us to remove or un-assign an automation. Which will stop an automation in its tracks and remove it from the contact.


⚙️  To learn more about automations and how they work, click here.

Finally, at the top-right of the automations tab, we'll see the '+ Add to Automation' button. If we click that, we'll see a list of all available contact based automations that are available for adding to this contact.

It's important to understand that transaction based automations can only be assigned automatically by using entry conditions. To learn more about that, click here.

👍  This concludes an overview of the contact view - automations tab.