Contact Detail View - Custom Contact Fields

Custom Contact Fields capture additional information based on how you, your team and your enterprise manages leads and clients. They are always available on a contact and easily added and updated.

Viewing custom fields is easier than ever in the new contact detail view. No matter which tab you're on, all the important contact information is displayed on the far right side of the page. Custom contact fields are located at the bottom of this pane and can easily be scrolled to display as many custom fields as we need.

Initially, the contact info displayed will be the Contact Information, followed by Basic Information, and finally Custom [Contact] Fields. In the below example, we can see that the custom contact fields are at the bottom and this pane can be scrolled down to view more.


In the animated GIF below, we'll demonstrate viewing all of our available custom contact fields. Then we'll add information in a field by clicking the 'Edit Contact' button at the top-right.


⚙️  To learn how to add custom contact fields in Team Settings, click here.

👍  This concludes an overview of the contact view - custom contact fields section.