Anatomy of a Contact Record - Aidium

A Contact record houses important details, associated Transactions, and past interactions with a contact, all within a single, digestible record. You can update a contact's details or status, send email or text message, and add or view Transactions.

There are 3 easy ways to get to the contact record you are looking for. Each link below will open a corresponding article.
  1. Universal Search
  2. Contact Table View
  3. Contact Pipeline View

We will review each of the following in this article.

What is in a Contact Record

A Contact record houses all of the information for a contact.  This includes all of the interactions you've had with the contact, such as outbound emails, text messages sent or received, and tasks due or completed, as well as any situational notes or call notes. You can also access existing Transactions for the contact, or create a new Transaction.


  1. Name and Title - This displays the full name and work title for this contact.
  2. Contact Status - This displays the current status for this contact.
  3. Contact Communication Details - This displays the current email and phone number associated with this contact.
  4. Edit the Contact - 'Update Contact' button - This triggers the Edit Contact Drawer to slide in on the right. Click here to skip to that section.
  5. Quick Communication buttons - These provide you with easy access to quickly send a **SMS/text message** or an email.
  6. Communication History - This displays all outbound emails along with all inbound and outbound SMS/text messages. See animated GIF below to view switching between All, Email, SMS.

  7. Related Contacts - This is where you can view and add Related Contacts to link to the record you are viewing.  Click here to jump to the article showing how to add Related Contacts.
  8. Notes - This is where you can add bits of information, like, call synopsis, needs, personal information, last details or information you may need at your fingertips about this contact.
  9. Transactions - This displays all transactions linked to this contact. It will preview important details, but you can also click on the Loan Number to view Transaction Details.

👍  This concludes the walk-through of a contact record.

Send an Email

Manually sending an email is quick and easy from any contact record. You can Cc or Bcc any email address, and include basic formatting, links, emojis, and more.

To learn how to do so, follow this link to jump to a full article on all aspects of sending an email from a contact record.

👍  This concludes sending an email from a contact record.

Send a SMS/Text

Manually sending a SMS or text message is quick and easy from any contact record. You can add links and emojis as well.

To learn how to do so, **follow this link** to jump to a full article on all aspects of sending a SMS from a contact record.

👍  This concludes sending a SMS or text from a contact record.

Add a Note

To add a note, simply click on the '+ Add a Note' button. The below animated GIF will show you how easy it is.


👍  This concludes adding a note to a contact record.

Edit/Update a Contact Record

Manually editing a contact record is quick and easy. Once you click on the 'Update Contact' button, at the top-right, you will see the Update a Contact Drawer slide in on the right side of the screen.

You will have the ability to add/update/remove information in each available field. Just be sure to click 'Save' at the bottom when you have completed your changes. The animated GIF below will demonstrate.


👍  This concludes how to edit a contact record.