Add BombBomb Video to Emails in Aidium

Adding a video preview to an email can be done with a just few steps, if you use BombBomb or another video service. By simply copying the 'email embed code' and pasting it into an email, you can send quick and compelling interactive emails.

📽️  For more information on BombBomb videos, you can view their How-To article here.

Before you begin, you must have access to your BombBomb account or other comparable video distribution service.

This process is comparable whether you are sending a direct email to a contact, or setting up an email template in an automation. In this case, we will be sending directly from a contact. However, after learning the process, go here to learn how to build a contact based automation.

⚙️  To learn the basics of sending an email from a contact record, click here.

📽️  To watch a video on sending an email from a contact record, click here.

  1. First, we will locate and open the contact you wish to send an email to. Click the 'email' icon to open the Send Email drawer. Type out the entire email, but do not send.

  2. Now, we will work on After locating the video in BombBomb (or other video platform) look for and click, 'Share Video' or 'Embed' button.

  3. Next, click the 'Copy For Email' button to store the email embed code to your clipboard.

  4. Once we have the code copied to our clipboard, it's time to go back into Aidium to finish the email. Look for the toggle/button: 'Text | HTML', click it and then confirm the change to HTML.

  5. After switching to HTML edit mode, look for a "<p>" after the text you just added but before the 'email signature' merge tag. Click to set your cursor after the <p> tag, but before the </p> tag.

    When your cursor is set, paste the code you copied from your video service to place the email embed code. See the animated GIF below for a demonstration.


  6. Below is the email we sent out using the instructions above.

  7. If you want to set a team email template up for future, automated use, you can use the above instructions to add the embedded video code within Automations. For a walk-through of building a contact automation, click here.

👍  This concludes adding/embedding a video within an email