Add a Link to Any Image in an Email

Using a little HTML, you can quickly add a link out to any website, including a video, to an image or animated GIF. This can help beautify an email and increase the potential clicks or views.

Before adding a link to an image in email, it's important to first completely build out the email.

⚙️  If you use bombbomb and want to embed a video preview in email, click here.


  1. For this article, we already have an email started and it looks like this. You will want to get your email fully setup with an image before we add the link. Once the email has the link, it's important that we do not edit it in 'Text' mode.

  2. Next, we'll add the image by clicking the 'add image' icon in the email toolbar. We'll then find the image we want to add from our computer.

    It is highly suggested that before adding any image, the size of the image is no wider than 500-600 pixels. This will allow for better viewing of the email by the recipient.

  3. Once we have the image added, we will switch to HTML editor by clicking the button highlighted below.

  4. Now that we're in HTML edit mode, we will find where the image tag begins, placing our cursor there and pressing 'enter' a few times to add some space for the next steps.

    Look for "<img style=..." - We add the extra space before that.


  5. In this final editing step, we will either type or paste the following in the space we just added:
    <a href=" " target="_blank">
    Then, in the empty quotes section, we will type or paste in the URL or link to the website we want the recipient to go when they click the image.

    Finally, we will add the following 'end tag' after the image URL itself.
    This animated GIF will demonstrate adding the 3 parts above:


  6. From there, we can click the 'Show preview' button to view the email and then, if this is a direct email, we can send a test to our self or send the email.
    If this is part of an automation action, we will simply save the email.

⚠️  It's important that you do not toggle between HTML to Text editor after adding the link to the image. Which is why it's best to complete the email to your satisfaction, before adding the link code.

👍  This concludes adding a link to images in an email