How to Add 2FA (two-factor authentication) for Admins

2FA or Two-Factor Authentication is available to any Enterprise in Aidium. This is an 'all-in' setting that requires the use of an 'authentication' app to fit within your organization's current security methodology.

To setup 2FA for your enterprise, you must first request this feature from your Aidium CSM and will require your enterprise account owner to approve. We will then work with you and/or your organization's Aidium admin to deploy an implementation plan to ensure a successful launch. The overall plan will follow this cadence.

⚠️  2FA is all-in when activated in an Enterprise. All users must setup 2FA upon their next login.

  1. Send request to your Aidium CSM.
  2. Plan the rollout-schedule by first understanding the impact of the following:
    1. Once 2FA is turned-on by the enterprise admin, it will immediately take effect for all users at their next login.
    2. Ensure all users of Aidium have the company approved authentication app installed on an approved device. Additionally, it is important that they have access and understand how to use it.
    3. Review the 2FA initialization knowledge-base article. It is recommended that this article link be included in any communications and planning to users. Or, feel free to adapt it to your own internal article.
    4. Be sure your internal support department has the availability, bandwidth, and full understanding of the process for initiating 2FA on a user level. This process should be managed by your company's internal support department.
  3. Items that may require review or updating:
    1. Plan for Zapier re-authentication (if applicable).

Once implementation date/time is established - inform all users of date/time of 2FA enactment and plan set forth.
  1. When date/time arrives, your enterprise admin will enable 2FA.
  2. The admin should immediately log-in from a different browser - this is the best method to ensure the current session is not lost.

Enable 2FA

When ready to initiate the 2FA requirement for all users, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Log into as an Administrator
  2. Click the main drop-down at the top-left and choose 'Enterprise Settings'.

  3. Next, click on 'Settings' in the left-side menu group.

  4. On the Enterprise Settings page, click-to-turn-on the 'Two-factor authentication for all workspace users disabled' .

  5. Finally, open a different browser to log-in. Follow the steps in this user article to setup your authentication app.

At this point, Two-Factor Authentication is turned on for the entire enterprise and all users with accounts. .

👍  This concludes requesting and initial setup of 2FA for an Aidium Enterprise