User Settings - Aidium

In the Account Settings, you can personalize the way you interact with Aidium, change your password, as well as adjust and personalize your outbound communications.

⚠️  These are not App Settings, for that, follow this link.

    😨  At any point, if you do not want to save any changes you made, click the 'Cancel' button to reject any changes made since you last saved.

        To begin, click on your Name at the lower-left side of the screen. Then choose, 'Account Settings'.


        Once you click, 'Account Settings', the left side of the menu the screen will be taken over by your account settings.


    In your Profile Settings, you can update your Name, Title and Headshot. From the left-side menu, click on 'Profile'. Next, the Your Profile screen will load.

    1. In Your Profile, you can update First Name, Last Name, Job Title and Personal Image (Head-shot). Simply edit the information and click the yellow 'Save' button.

    2. To Edit your Personal Image, click the yellow 'Upload Image' button. Find the appropriate image (in formats: jpg, jpeg or png) and choose. When complete, click the yellow 'Save' button.

    👍  This concludes editing Your Profile section of User Settings

    Account Settings

    In your Account Settings, you can update your password and time-zone (Location Settings).


    1. To update your password, click the yellow 'Reset Password' button. A new tab will open, allowing you to 'Change Your Password'. You must choose a password that meets the following requirements.
      1. At least 8 characters long
      2. At least 3 of the following 4 options
        1. At least 1 lower case letter (a-z)
        2. At least 1 UPPER case letter (A-Z)
        3. At least 1 number (0-9)
        4. At least 1 special character (e.g. !@#$%^&*)
      As you type your password, the requirement options will turn green when they are met. You can also click the 'eye' icon within each password field to view the password. This can come in handy if the two fields do not match. It can also be useful when confirming you typed it correctly.

    2. Location Settings - Time-zone - It's important to have an accurate time-zone for your location. The time-zone set will affect the sending of drip campaign emails and text messages, as well as provide a baseline for task timing and due times.

      Find the appropriate time-zone, choose it and then click the yellow 'Save' button.


    👍  This concludes editing your Account Settings


    In your integrations, you can connect your email for outbound communications when sending direct emails and loan transaction emails. This is incredibly important to have connected. You can also add or update your email signature.

    It is also important to connect (integrate) your email to capture all email conversations, even if they happen from your email client on your laptop and even your phone. As long as the email is sent or received by the integrated email address, Aidium will capture the conversation and link it with the appropriate contact.


    1. If your email is already integrated, you will see it on the bottom-left of the Email Integrations box. If you want to change the email, click the 'trash can' icon on the right. For instruction on setting up your email integration, follow this link.
    2. Edit your signature, click the 'Edit Signature' button on the right. Next, a Edit Signature drawer will slide-out on the right. If you are familiar with creating emails, this will look familiar. For instructions on how to use the email editor, follow this link.

    👍  This concludes your Integration Settings


    This section of your user settings will allow you to turn 'on' and 'off' notifications that go to you when certain events happen. As of the writing of this article, these notifications are limited, but this section will continue to grow as new features are added to Aidium!


    👍  This concludes your Notification Settings - and - User Settings article