Referral Partner Report

The referral pipeline report is a quick and easy to send email update for your referral partners, giving them a quick update on the status of any leads they provided to you.

With just a few clicks from the referral partner's contact record, you can email an update on where the leads they sent you are in your lead management process.

⚠️  For the report to work properly, you must link the referral partner to your leads. To learn how, click here.

  1. Find and open the contact record of the Referral Partner or Agent you plan to send the pipeline report to. To do so, use the Contacts view or the Universal Search in the upper-left.
  2. Once you open the contact record of the referral partner or agent you plan to send the report to, go to the 'Related Contacts' section.

  3. In the Related Contacts section, you will see all leads or borrowers this referral partner provided to you. The Relationship will be "Referee"; those will be included on the pipeline report.
  4. To send the emailed report, you will simply click on the 'report' icon in the upper-right of Related Contacts section.

  5. Once you click the 'report' icon, an email will be generated and sent on your behalf. It's that simple. In the animated GIF below, you'll see how easy it is to send.

  6. To view the report, as it was sent, or any other email sent to this contact, just look to the Communication History section.
  7. Below is an example email sent to this referral partner.


👍  This concludes sending a Referral Pipeline Report