Getting Started with Transactions in Daily AI

Unlock the power of automation to streamline transaction tasks.

Daily AI hosts all loan data on the Transactions page. The power of Daily AI’s automation will help make your transaction management efforts more efficient by integrating with your LOS and reducing the need for duplicative tasks. 

The Daily AI Transactions page allows you to manage your in-process pipeline, edit loan details, and assign team members to loans. 

When you complete an integration with your LOS and Daily AI, each transaction will be connected to a contact. Contacts can have an unlimited number of associated loans. If a contact refinances with you or buys a second home, that means Daily AI will assign a new loan to the same contact within your CRM.

Loans will be automatically updated in Daily AI each time you change the milestone or status in the LOS.

Follow the steps in this guide to start managing in-process transactions with Daily AI.

How to Add a Transaction to Daily AI

  • Navigate to “Transactions” on the toolbar menu and click “Add Transactions.”
  • Enter the exact loan number and contact name. Populate any other loan information you have.

Tip: If you have in-process milestones set up, enter a loan purpose to ensure the correct actions are triggered each time the transaction is updated.

  • After the transaction is created, click on it from the List view, or click “View” on the transaction tile in the Table view to open the transaction record.

Warning: If you did not select a milestone/status when the transaction was created, it will not appear in the table view.

  • Click “Edit” to make changes, such as adding team members or partners to the transaction.

Tip: The toggle to switch between list view and table view is located in the upper right-hand corner of the transactions page.

Tip: Updating the milestone/status can be done in the table view by dragging and dropping the transaction tile from one column to another

Once complete, take a look at our recommendations to optimize transactions in Daily AI.