Getting Started with Sources and Tags in Daily AI

Manage contacts efficiently with helpful filters.

Sources and tags are useful tools to access the contacts you need quickly. 

You can use a filter on the Contacts page to select specific subsets of people based on their source and/or tag, then send them a targeted, one-off message or add them to a specific drip campaign.

It’s easy to work with different types of contacts if you assign a source to your contacts and qualify them using tags. If you invest time in ensuring that your database is up to date with sources and tags, you can be confident that your leads, customers, and partners will receive the targeted communications you designed for them. 

What are Sources?

As you know, contacts originate from many sources. A few common use cases for leads include: 

  • Partner referral landing page 
  • Facebook lead capture tool
  • Zillow lead form

If set up properly, you can sort your contacts by source — and gain insights about which lead sources are performing well for your business. 

Tip: You can only associate one source per contact. 

What are Tags?

Tags help you qualify your contacts with commonly-identifiable attributes. A few examples are:

  • First-time homebuyer
  • Credit repair
  • Refinance 

Contact tags make it easy for you to group contacts into lists. This enables you to reach out to contacts with relevant messaging that suits their needs and funnels them to a desired outcome. 

Tip: You can assign multiple tags to a contact.

Setting up Sources and Tags

  • Navigate to Settings on the toolbar menu.  Select “Sources & Tags.”
  • Consider where you get your leads from, such as: your website, social media sites, Zillow. Add a source for each one. 
  • Think about how you like to label your contacts: past client, refinance lead, etc.  Add a tag for each of these.
  • Apply a source and tags to a contact.
    • Go to Contacts and click on a contact to enter their record.
    • Click “Assign New Tag” and select a tag from the list to add it.
    • Click “Contact Details” to view your contact data fields.
    • Click “Edit,” change the source from the drop-down list, and click “Save.”

Note: Each contact can have multiple tags. Be sure to coordinate with your team to ensure tags are used consistently across your organization. 

Tip: Need to assign tags to multiple contacts at once? This can be done via mass actions.