Getting Started with Marketing in Daily AI

Seamlessly market to your database to create repeat business.

Marketing is a critical part of your mortgage business. You need to stay in front of your past clients to earn repeat and referral business from them. Establishing a brand and name recognition in the community will help generate future business. Daily AI has many tools to achieve these goals. We can help you market to your database and grow your brand.

Daily AI is proud to have an exclusive integration with MAXA Design Studios. We provide a complimentary marketing suite to all Daily AI users to execute tasks unique to mortgage lenders, such as creating flyers, templates for social media content, and much more.

Note: If you are on a corporate enterprise of Daily AI, this studio may be customized by your marketing team. Your experience may vary from what is about to be described below. Contact your Client Success Representative with questions. 

Create a Design for Social Media

A consistent and appealing social media presence is at the heart of mortgage businesses today. Top performing LOs leverage social networks to build their brand and develop new business. 

To create a social media graphic: 

  1. Click on “Marketing” in the toolbar menu. 
  2. Select "Create Design."  
  3. Click on “Social Media,” and you’ll see there are many predesigned templates available. 
  4. Edit the design directly in the platform. The controls are intuitive, so click around and explore the features. 
  5. Once you’re done with your design, be sure to name and save it. 
  6. To post directly to your social media account from the editor, you can hit the "Share" button. This allows you to share directly to Facebook or Linkedin. You may also send the design in an email or with a user on your Daily AI team. 
  7. You may also download the image for use outside of the platform. 

Coming Soon: Daily AI and MAXA are building out even more integrations so you will be able to directly add any marketing collateral to a drip campaign, and be able to send Daily AI's email servers through MAXA.

Create a Design for Open House Flyers

You can connect with potential borrowers by providing a flyer for your lending business at open houses hosted by your realtor partners. Use Daily AI and MAXA to create modern flyers with easy-to-use co-branding capabilities. 

  1. In your Marketing Center, click on "Open House Flyers." 
  2. Open up an existing design or create one from scratch using the editor. 
  3. From here, you can create an open house flyer, share, download, and even have them printed and shipped to you or the realtor.


  1. To co-brand a flyer, click on your name on the top-right portion of the screen. 
  2. Select “Partners” and add your partners information. 
  3. Now you can seamlessly add your partners’ logos to any co-branded flyers, social media posts, or other design content.