Setting up Lead Routing

Managers and Admins can automatically assign inbound leads to contact owners with our Lead Routing tool. 

Note: This article is meant for Managers and Team Leaders. Any other user type will not have the appropriate permission levels to adjust these settings. 

Lead Routing is a tool for Team Leads and Super Admins to automatically assign leads to members of your team — no matter what source your lead comes from.

For most mortgage teams, leads arrive from many sources. Instead of spending time organizing spreadsheets, you can route your leads to contact owners using Daily AI. 

There are two types of lead routing:

  • Distribution Routing: You can assign a specific percentage to each team member —, totaling up to 100% — and Daily AI will calculate the distribution in real time automatically.
  • First to Claim Routing: You can set up alerts for team members for all new leads that come into the system. The first person to claim this lead becomes the contact owner.

Configure Lead Routing 

  1. Log into your DailyAI Account at
  2. Navigate to your “Settings” Tab
  3. Click “General” in the upper left hand corner.
  4. Click “Lead Routing” 
  5. To begin lead routing set up, head to the bottom of this page and click “edit”

Note: If you do not see this feature, that would indicate you do not have the permission type to use this feature. 

Set up Distribution Routing

  1. In the upper right-hand corner, click “Add Source.”
  2. Select the source you would like to use. (If you need to add a new source, visit this article first. You’ll need to do this before setting up routing.)
  3. Click “User” and select the team member you would like to include on this distribution. 
  4. Click “Distribution” and input the percentage of these leads you would like this user to receive. 
  5. Repeat this until you have reached 100% distribution across your team.

Note: Only one source can be used per distribution. You’ll need to set up multiple distributions to cover all your lead sources. To add routing to another source, click “Add Source” in the upper right-hand corner and repeat the steps listed above. 

Setting up First to Claim

  1. In the upper right hand corner, click “Add Source.”
  2. Click “Source” and select the source you would like to use. 
  3. Next, click “User” and select all the users who need to be included. 

Tip:  Always click “Save Rules” after any setups have been completed. 

Adding/Deleting Sources and Users

  1. Click the menu in the upper right-hand corner (three dots).
  2. From here, you can delete a source, user, or both. 

After your routing setup is complete, please configure your AI Assistant to create intelligent notifications based on leads, tasks, and nurture actions.