Getting Started with Email Campaigns

Track user activity and email performance over time.

To manage content at scale, you need to visualize performance at scale! Our Email Campaigns achieve just this, allowing the user to push out targeted campaigns and track performance over time.

Below is a helpful getting started guide that shows you how impactful content can create impactful relationships.

Follow these steps to learn how to manage users, campaign content, campaign leads or contacts, and the overall campaign performance.

Locate Email Campaigns in General Settings

  1. Log into your Daily AI account: 
  2. Navigate to "Settings" on the toolbar menu.
  3. Click on "General" in the upper left-hand corner of this page. 
  4. From here, click on "Email Campaigns" in the bottom half of the menu. 
  5. Once inside "Email Campaigns," you can see all the campaigns created by you or other users on your team. 

Create your First Email Campaign

  1. Click on “General” in the upper left-hand corner of "Settings." 
  2. Click on “My Templates” then “Add Templates.” 
  3. Create your first email campaign. Don’t forget, your email feature allows you to add custom media, pictures, videos, links, and merge fields.
  4. Navigate back to the toolbar and select “Contacts.” 
  5. Select the contacts you would like to receive this email campaign. 
  6. Once these contacts are selected, you will see a the option to click “Mass Action.” Click this then click “Email.” 
  7. A prompt will appear asking you to select either a “Normal” email or a “Campaign” email. Click “Campaign” A “Normal" will not allow you to track performance. 
  8. An open email will appear. You to create the campaign here or use your template.
  9. Once the content has been finalized and proofread, click “Send”.
  10. Now you can navigate back to “My Campaigns” to view the email and its send performance.

Tip: Do you want to see the campaigns created by a user on your team? Select the "View" button to see the campaigns they’ve created. 

Tip: If you have a lot of campaigns or users, you can use the search bar to filter. From the "Email Campaigns" homepage, search for users or campaign names to focus the selection of visible campaigns.