Getting Started with Daily AI for Enterprise

An overview for Super Admin account holders

The Daily AI CRM is built for teams of all sizes - whether you’re an individual just getting started or an Enterprise with hundreds of loan officers.

When initially configuring your account, you will be classified as an Enterprise or as a Team set up. This article is specific to those that are classified as an Enterprise. If you’re looking for specifics for Team account setups, please see this article.

Every Enterprise account has a specific role called a Super Admin. This is the highest level user role and is typically a dedicated CRM-administrator or other role that will have an intimate knowledge of the Daily AI CRM. Not only does it set Enterprise-wide settings (such as including a logo for all users) but it is where Enterprise billing is handled and permissions are set for everyone throughout the CRM.

Since every business is different in how they operate, specific compliance measures and even features purchased, we enable the Super Admin to customize their buildout of the CRM to accommodate a wide variety of use cases and needs. Permissions can be set at the Super Admin role and will cascade to all users throughout the Enterprise account - this can be everything from enabling our marketing integration to determining what other users are responsible for paying for.

During our white-glove implementation process, your Customer Success team will work with you to understand your specific needs and set up your Enterprise account accordingly. If you would like further configure these options and need more help, please reach out to your Customer Success Representative.