Getting Started with Contacts in Daily AI

Learn how to properly upload and manage contacts in the CRM.

Managing your contacts at scale is critical to your work. Daily AI’s CRM is designed to streamline contact management with automations that help save you time. With Daily AI, you can upload, manage, and route contacts to the campaigns and groups that best align with your needs. 

Follow the steps in this guide, and you’ll be ready to start managing your contacts with Daily AI. 

How to Upload a CSV

Please make sure your .csv is accurate and up-to-date before uploading to Daily AI or adding to a drip campaign. 

  1. Start by logging into your Daily AI account:
  2. Click “Contacts” on the toolbar menu. 
  3. Click “CSV” in the upper right-hand corner, then “Upload CSV.” 
  4. You can either drag and drop a .csv file, or you locate it within your device folders. 
  5. From here, click “Assign Contact To.” 
  6. If you are a standard user, your name will appear and you can assign these contacts to yourself. If you are Team Lead or Super Admin, you may assign these contacts to other members of your team. 
  7. Next, scroll down to “Assign Group To.” 
  8. If you’ve created groups, you’ll see them here and can select one. 
  9. Scroll down to “Add to Drips.” If you would like to add these new contacts into a drip campaign, search and select from here. 
  10. Once options have been selected, click “Done” at the bottom of the page. Clicking “Done” will not begin the upload, you have one more page to go! 

Tip: If a group is selected, these contacts will live in two groups: the “All” Group and the group name. 

Note: You can choose to assign new contacts to an opt-in campaign. This is typically reserved for cold or purchased leads, and is a great way to both stay compliant and assess lead quality. If selected, this campaign sends out an email that asks contacts if they would like to receive messages from you. 

Mapping your CSV Fields

Before completing your upload, you must map your .csv fields to match the correct column names in Daily AI. 

  1. Start with the first column from your .csv on the left-hand side. Oftentimes, this will be “First Name” or something similar. 
  2. Click the open field next under “Map to” and a column of options will display. 
  3. Select “First Name”. You have just successfully mapped “First Name” from your .csv to “First Name” in Daily AI. 
  4. Continue mapping all fields using the same process. 
  5. If you see fields in your CSV that are not available in the “Map to” column, use “Custom Fields” to create a custom field. 
  6. If you would like to remove a row, click the “Trash” icon located on the right. 
  7. Once you’ve completed the mapping exercise, click “Continue.” This will activate the upload process. This prompt will now disappear as the upload process begins.
  8. To view the upload process, a box in the lower left-hand corner will appear, displaying fields “Added,” “Failed,” and “Total.” If any contacts fail to upload, you’ll be offered the option to view a report with the reason why the contact failed.

Downloading your Daily AI Contacts 

Download All Contacts

To download your Daily AI contacts as a .csv file, go to the “Contacts” main page. In the upper right-hand corner, click “CSV,” then click “Download CSV.” This will download all of your current contacts and their mapped fields in a CSV report.

Download a Group of Contacts 

If you would like to download a specific group of contacts, select the contact group from the Contacts main page. Click “CSV” then “Download CSV.” 

How to Create a New Contact

  • To add a contact manually navigate to the Contacts page.
  • Click “Add Contact” in the upper right hand corner.
  • A prompt will display asking for contact information. Enter in all the information relative to the contact. 
  • Once the information entered is sufficient, click “Add” in the bottom right hand corner of this prompt. 

Tip: First name, mobile phone, or email are required for a new contact to be created.

Customizing Contact Columns

Once contacts have been added to the CRM, you now have the option to customize the information you would like to see from a birds-eye view.

To customize contact columns:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts page and click “Customize Columns” in the upper left-hand corner. 
  2. From here, you can select the columns you prefer to see when you access the Contacts page. 
  3. Once you have selected your preferred columns, click “Done.” 

Note: Currently you only are able to display seven contact columns. Be sure to deselect any columns you don’t need to use to make room for your preferred columns. 

How to Create Filter Views for Contacts

Our filter options allows you to find the contacts you need to see based on useful filtering criteria, such as loan type, lead source, or referral partner. 

To filter contacts: 

  1. Navigate back to the Contacts page. In the upper right-hand corner, click “Filter.” 
  2. Your filtering options are: 
    • Lead Source
    • Referred By 
    • Drip Campaign
    • Tags 
    • Assigned to 
    • Status 
    • Rate
    • Loan Type 
    • Closing Date 
  3. Select your filter criteria. You may select more than one. Then click “Filter Result.”
  4. Your filtered contacts will now be displayed. 

Tip: If you would like to use a filter more than once, click “Save Filter” first before clicking “Filter Result.” 

Creating Contact Groups 

Contact groups allow you to add contacts to groups, such as “Cold Leads,” “Zillow Leads,” or “Closed Loans.” This helps you ensure that contacts can be added to drip or nurture campaigns that best suit their needs. 

To create a contact group, click “Manage Groups” on the Contacts page. Click “Create Group,” enter a group name, and click “Create.” 

Now that you’re set up with the basics, take a look at our top tips to optimize how you manage contacts with Daily AI. [LINK]