Duplicate an Existing Automation

Duplicating an existing automation is an easy way to recreate a successful automation for reuse or to adapt for other purposes. Using this option will create an exact copy allowing you to re-add or create something new based on a proven automation.

Common reasons for copying automations:

  1. Weekly or Monthly informative Newsletter
  2. Task flow automation for a new purpose
  3. Making adjustments to existing automation for future use
  4. Rebuilding existing automation for new purpose

Duplicate an Automation

  1. Start by going to the automations page by clicking on 'Automations' in the menu group on the left.

  2. Once on the automations page, we'll find the automation we want to copy or duplicate, then click the vertical 'ellipsis' [...] to the right of the automation name.


  3. Next, we'll choose 'Duplicate Automation' from the available options in the drop-down menu.


  4. A Duplicate Automation confirmation window will appear. Click, 'Confirm'.


  5. The new, duplicated automation, will now show at the top-left position with "Copy of" appended to the beginning of the automation name. A duplicated automation will always start as 'disabled'.


  6. From there, we can click to open the automation and being making any adjustments we would like. It is important to always update the 'Name' and 'Description' of duplicated automations before enabling them. This can can be done either by clicking the vertical 'ellipsis' [...] and choosing the appropriate option, or from within the automation while we make our edits.

    In the below animated GIF, the entire process is shown.


Click the appropriate link to learn more about the basics of editing a Contact-based automation or a Transaction-based automation.

👍  This concludes how to copy or duplicate an existing automation