Opting out of Texting

Contacts can opt out of receiving text messages from your team in the future.

Note:  The text message opt-out/re-subscribe process is regulated by the FCC and strictly enforced by our provider and the telecom industry.

How does a contact opt out?

  1. A contact is sent a text message from Daily AI, either directly, through a drip campaign, or from a milestone action.
  2. The contact replies to that message with a specific keyword, such as "stop" or "quit".


Note: The text message must contain the special word for this to work and nothing else, i.e. sending a text message “please stop” does not trigger the opt out process.

What Happens  when a contact opts out of texting? 

Within Daily AI

The opted-out contact can no longer be sent SMS or MMS messages from drip campaigns, milestone actions, or directly, from the number they opted out of.

Opt-outs are specific to a sending phone number. Other users or teams in your enterprise can still send text messages to a contact who has opted out of receiving texts from you.

Note: A contact opting out of texting does not check the "Do Not Contact" checkbox on the contact's details page

Outside of Daily AI

The contact receives a confirmation message from our service provider stating that they have been opted out, and providing instructions on how to re-subscribe.

Once opted-out, the contact will not receive any future SMS or MMS messages from the number they opted out of.

Why can contacts opt out?

The opt-out process is both required and regulated by the FCC, and enforced by service providers and the telecom industry. Daily AI supports this process as required, to remain in good standing to allow our users to send SMS and MMS to their contacts as part of their ongoing business relationship.

Which opt-out key words are permitted?

  • Stop

  • Quit

  • Unsubscribe

  • Opt out

What is the re-subscribe process ?

To start receiving text messages from a number they have previously opted out of, a contact must send a keyword to that number. Just like opt-out keywords, the re-subscribe keyword must be sent as a standalone message and not as part of a phrase such as "start again please". Supported keywords are:

  • Start
  • Yes
  • Unstop


Note: The special key words, like STOP, START, etc. are NOT case sensitive.