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Introduction to Aidium Support

Welcome to the Aidium Support Center - Here you will find an ever-growing home for understanding the Aidium platform, searching for articles or videos, asking questions and making product suggestions.


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To start, this area is separated into 10 distinct sections. You can start at the home for support, or choose from the following...

  1. Aidium self-service How-To Videos
  2. Contacts - Creating, Finding, Editing, Importing, Managing and more
  3. Transactions - Creating, Finding, Editing, Importing, Managing and more
  4. Tasks - Creating, Editing, Assigning, Lists and more
  5. Email and Test Messages - Building, Sending, Reading, Responding and more
  6. Automations - Building, Modifying, Enrolling, Understanding and more
  7. Playbooks - Finding, Copying, Modifying, and more
  8. User and Team Settings - Setup, Integrations, Customizing and more
  9. Enterprise Administration - Setup, Users, Teams, Integrations, Customizing, Standardizations and more
  10. Daily AI Legacy Support Articles

⚙️  To view the current Product Functionality Roadmap, follow this link.

Additionally, if you would like direct support for an issue you may have encountered, you can do the following.

  1. Send an email to support@thinkaidium.com - This will initiate a support ticket. If you chose this method, it will save time if you send the email from the same email address as your account. Please do also include the following information:
    1. Your name, email (if different), affected user account
    2. The issue your seeing with both, what occurred to initiate the issue, as well as, what were the results
    3. Please also include any screen-caps (screen-shots) from both the system itself, the results (whether an email, text message, or anything else), and any discrepancies (lead source, LOS, zapier, error messages, etc)
    4. Any additional notes that will assist us in our investigation.
  2. Click on the chat-bot in the lower-right corner.
    1. Same as above, we will ask you some questions to help understand your issue. This will be used to generate a support ticket and we will get back with you via email.